A Two Tank Dive Day – 1 Check Out Dive and a One Tank Scooter Dive (Diver Propulsion Vehicle): $195.00

Our Scooter Dive is sure to leave you smiling, as you glide effortlessly through the water without having to kick! The “underwater scooter” or DPV is a more advanced dive, one that can actually count towards one of your adventure dives for the advanced open water course!  These scooters can pull you through the water at approximately 3 miles an hour, once you have tried diving this way, you may never want to kick your legs on a dive again!

A diver propulsion vehicle (DPV, also known as an underwater propulsion vehicle or underwater scooter) is an item of diving equipment used by scuba divers to increase range underwater.

A DPV usually consists of a battery-powered electric motor, which drives a propeller. The design must ensure that: the propeller is caged so that it cannot harm the diver, diving equipment or marine life; the vehicle cannot be accidentally started or run away from the diver; and it remains neutrally buoyant under all conditions.

DPVs are useful for long journeys at constant depth where navigation is easy.

Buoyancy control is vital for diver safety!

The DPV has the potential to make buoyancy control difficult and may cause barotrauma if the diver ascends or descends under power. Visibility of less than 5 metres makes navigating a DPV difficult.

A one tank dive is for divers who have already done a DPV dive with us ($125), or else they must be checked out by an instructor for approval on our two tank DPV package. The diver must show the instructor they are capable divers on a regular dive with us first, before a DPV can be used.

Our scooter dive consists of a one-tank check out or assessment dive with the instructor. Upon approval with the instructor the second dive of the set will be the scooter dive. This booking is priced for one assessment dive and one scooter dive.

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