One of our most popular shore dive combo’s that we have to offer here at Maui Diving is our Manta/Shark package. If you haven’t checked out the Shark Dive page, have a look to see what you can expect on that particular dive site. On the Manta dive, we may have the opportunity to be visited by some of the most peaceful and beautiful creatures that call Maui home, the Coastal Manta Rays!

Manta’s can grow to a size of up to 12 ft and will spend time visiting certain reef areas for feeding and for cleaning. It is at these cleaning stations that we will often find these magnificent creatures hanging out on the reef being cleaned. Mantas have very specific patterns on their underside, which allows us to identify them, like a finger print!

In the picture below you can see the Manta that we got to name through the Manta Pacific Research Foundation. They have a catalogue of Mantas that been named by those who submitted photos of their Manta, and we found one that had not yet been identified! You can see there is a good chunk of his right wing that is missing just by his rear end. It is speculated that he may have had an encounter with a shark, and we named him “Laki” which means “Lucky” in Hawaiian.

Visit the Manta Pacific Research Foundation’s web page at and make a donation or just learn more about these amazing animals! Check out our boy Laki here

The particular dive site that we are often able to find the Manta’s at, may not be diveable due to conditions during the winter months due to extreme surf conditions, however, it never hurts to ask if it is possible to go do these dives.  If you’re scheduled for the manta dive and conditions turn out not to be good, you’ll dive an alternative dive at Black Rock and be refunded the difference of $165 and $129 for the Mala Plus dive sites.



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