The name Turtle Town will become obvious as we explore the area, where it won’t be IF we see a turtle, but how many! Don’t be surprised if we see a few White Tip Reef Sharks trying to catch a morning nap after a long night of hunting!

There are more than 5 caves at this dive site, for that matter there are more than 5 graves as well! Most divers should have no problem exploring at least the first three caves of the dive site, and these are some of the more interesting ones to visit! The first cave we come to is referred to by divers as either the sand cave or the shark cave!

There will typically be one or two sharks in this cave as we enter to explore. Because the bottom of this cave is very sandy or silty, it is important to exercise proper buoyancy control, so as not to stir up the bottom, so we can watch the sharks if they haven’t been scared off by the previous divers that went into the cave!

The second is called the bubble cave, because there is an air pocket inside of this cavern, that we can pop up to the surface inside of this cave! We will feel some pressure on our ears inside of the bubble, so divers that have difficulty equalizing, may want to avoid doing this, or you may have trouble your ears upon leaving the cave!

5 caves/5 graves or Makena Landing is one of two different entry points to this shore dive in South Maui, that will provide for you an amazing experience in diving, while we explore the different lava tubes or caverns that make up the dive site. Located in South Maui, this dive site is also known as Turtle Town to those snorkel and dive boats that offer daily trips.



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