Molokini & Turtle Town Dive

$149 & up. Call to book

When you talk to people about where to dive in Maui, Molokini is probably the first dive that comes up in the conversation. Our morning boat trip heads out daily and will take you to dive at Molokini first, then head over to Turtle Town for the second dive. This trip is for certified divers, and is one of the most popular, so space is ofter limited. One of the nice things about our boat trip, is that if you have people with you that don’t dive, but would like to take the trip, they can snorkel while you dive for only $95!

There will be some light breakfast type items offered on this trip as well as a deli type lunch. Beverages will be provided as well, however there will not be coffee on this trip! If you are in need of your daily caffination fix to get up and going to the boat by 6 am, be sure to get that before you head over to the harbor!

Boat Dive Maui, Molokini, Lanai, Catherdrals, Carthaginian!!