Carthaginian Wreck Boat Dive

$169 if you have your own scuba gear (BCD, Reg, Wetsuit, Computer, Mask, & Fins) and just need tanks and weights.  $205 if you need to rent gear on board.

Ready to explore Maui’s largest wreck dive?

This is a two-tank boat trip along the coast of Lahaina on Maui on Thursday afternoons at 12:30p. A short 10-minute boat ride from the dock takes you to our first location, the shipwreck of the Carthaginian. The Carthaginian sits in 95 feet. This 100′ long artificial reef/wreck is “diver safe”. (No penetration of the wreck and nowhere to get lost or stuck.)
Carthaginian hosts an extensive artificial reef system. A great dive for certified divers who are looking for something different, it is home to rarer deep-water tropical fish and other species, not found in the shallower near shore reefs. Dive two is shallow reef dive; featuring turtles, tropical reef fish, and occasionally reef sharks. We usually get a nice long bottom time as well. This is a great trip for Nitrox divers. 
Our dive boat takes only 11 divers at a time and our low guide to diver ratio (5:1 or 6:1) also makes this is a perfect trip for photography!

Call to book today! 808-667-0633. If you’re international and unable to call to book, please contact us via email at and we can book via email for you.


Carthaginian Wreck Dive Maui

Carthaginian Wreck Dive Maui