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Cancellation Policy

72 Hour Cancellation Policy strictly enforced!

Due to our group size limitations on some activities, we cannot absorb the cost of people canceling at the last minute, when we are turning away people from tours or classes that day. Coast Guard and County regulations dictate the number of clients aboard or on the beach each day. When you give us your credit card information to hold a reservation, you are agreeing to the following cancellation terms and conditions:

If the cancellation notification is received more than 72 hours from the start of the tour or class there will be a 20% fee charged.

If the cancellation notification is received less than 72 hours from the start of the tour or class there will be a 100% cancellation fee charged to your credit card.


Cancellations only accepted during business hours 9 to 6. We are open 7 Days A Week. Messages left on voicemail do not constitute an accepted cancellation!

Maui Diving Scuba Center/Snorkel Shop cancellation policy supersedes all previous credit card agreements you have with your credit card company.

During busy seasons, we reserve the right to change 72 hours cancellation policy to One Week and customers will be informed at the time of booking.

(Busy seasons: December through April and June through September).

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